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Hi, I am a 'Kathak Coach'

Since childhood I have been trained in this beautiful dance form Kathak under the patronage of Late Pt Birju Maharaj.  I developed interest in this dance form while being in school, performed various stage shows and took it up more sincerely when I passed out of school. My first teacher was Ms Kalpana Verma, Maharajji's close disciple, from whom I learnt while I just passed from school. My dance was finetuned by my second teacher Ms Malti Shyam, an ICCR acclaimed Kathak dancer. Thereafter my dance got a new birth when it was given a direction by Pt Jai Kishan Maharaj, grandson of Late Pt Birju Maharaj & his wife Mrs Ruby Mishra. In the entire course of time, I did several workshops with Maharajji (Late Pt Birju Maharaj) time & again. 

Kathak has been a sure shot way for me to release stress  & experience purity & divinity. I remember since childhood whenever my mind was not focussed, I have taken the support of classical indian music & dance to come back to myself & connect again. No wonder this art has an addictive effect.

I have now been teaching Kathak for several years & discovered teaching it online during the pandemic when I got several requests to teach online. It was then when I discovered that this beautiful Indian heritage can reach out to many hundreds of women & children online, and from there I started working on it.

Being a Kathak Coach, now I not only teach this dance form, but also bring joy in womens' lives through Kathak. I couple it along with a spiritual flavor & meditation to it. 

My Mission

Spreading Joy through Kathak

I am on a journey to spread joy in the lives of 1,00,000 women by teaching the most beautiful ancient dance form Kathak & help them live a spiritual lifestyle.

My Expertise

Kathak Coaching

With over 20 years of learning this dance form, I now teach this art to women to find joy, confidence & stability inside so they can connect to themselves at a deeper level with themselves. 

My Community

Joyful Kathak Hub

I founded this community in the year 2023 to help women find inner joy & happiness with learning the ancient Indian Classical Dance form Kathak.

3 Steps To Learning Kathak

With more members joining and growing, we are building a new community with ingredient JOY for women.


Understand the History of the danceform 

The beauty of learning from a good trainer is, you will fall in love with the danceform even before you start learning it. Here comes the understanding of the history of Kathak, the bhaav or feeling behind Kathak & its roots. 


Know the Rhythm

The base of any classical dance or music is the rhythm, the better you know & understand it, the better you can build on it. Some people are naturally good at rhythm, others have to cultivate it .  


Practice the feet & movements on the rhythm

Once your interest & rhythm is known well, dancing is not difficult. Then comes the feet & hands movement over it which needs practice. But its not just that, it is the feeling with which you take it up. Dance is the expression of the self!

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Trusted By Hundreds of Happy Women

As a busy doctor, I never had much time for extracurricular activities, and I believed I lacked talent in music and dance. Recently, I started learning Kathak and music, but group classes didn't work for me. Then, I found Parul, who agreed to mix Kathak with songs. My real journey began, and I developed a keen interest. Parul is not just talented but an excellent teacher, explaining dance like physics & geometry. She's patient, accommodating, & always strives for my progress. Her passion and support make me believe I can fulfill my dream of performing Kathak on stage someday. Thank you, Parul!

Dr Usha

Senior Gynae & Surgeon

“My incredible Kathak journey began with YouTube videos, but I realized the importance of a solid foundation and sought guidance from trained students.

Learning online initially worried me, but with Parul ma'am's guidance, my skepticism vanished. Her ability to correct my form and expression through the screen amazed me. Kathak has deepened my understanding of our culture, improved my health, grace, and patience. Embracing the Kathak happiness model has empowered me to focus, achieve balance, express emotions, and enhance athleticism. I encourage everyone, regardless of age, to embark on this transformative journey. Kathak is more than a dance; it nurtures well-being and empowers us to be our best selves. - Aditi Malve, Student” 

Aditi Malve


“I'm from Nepal, currently pursuing my doctorate in health service research in the United States. Since childhood, I've loved dancing and always dreamt of learning classical dance, especially Kathak.

However, it wasn't available in Nepal at that time.

But eight months ago, I began my Kathak journey with Ms. Parul Khurana under the Kathak happiness model, and it's been a wonderful experience.

Kathak has supported my spiritual growth, improved my focus, concentration, and flexibility,

making it a blissful journey. I invite you all to join our joyful Kathak hub, with flexible classes suitable for everyone.


Bidusha Neupane

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